Our Barbers


Michael’s passion for the craft started early on at the age of 14, perfecting his skills on family and friends. Falling in love with the trade, he attended Empire Beauty School where he became a licensed Barber Stylist.

Michael became a part of the Champions team in 2014 and has rapidly earned his stripes, currently Managing Champions Barber Shop on High Street in West Chester. He is a well rounded barber with a wide variety of skills.

With his passion for the craft and his desire to make every visit a great experience, you are assured to get the best service possible and leaving every time feeling like a “Champion!” Instagram @ mikethebarber16


She has had a love for cutting hair ever since she could hold a pair of scissors. As her talent continued to develop, she immediately found her passion in barbering. Definitive line work and careful fading are the kinds of challenges that has made her fall in love with men’s cuts. She’s continuously on the look out for new challenges never forgetting and always honoring the basics to the craft. “I will always find a way to put a smile on your face and make you feel your best,” says Emily. When the clippers turn off, she loves spending time with her husband and snuggling with her 3 dogs. Instagram @ em_thebarber


Edwin is a West Chester native attending and graduating from East High School, WC. He was introduced and given his first pair of clippers when he was 12 years old by his father. He realized that just looking at the clippers was not going to put his fathers gift to use, so he decided to turn them on and start cutting. Edwin quickly learned that cutting hair was a lot harder them it seemed, but understood that with time and practice it would all fall into place. He always had a passion for art, so understanding the meticulous side of barbering came easy. In 8th grade Edwin was asked to do a research project on a future job. Till this day Edwin admits that was his favorite and easiest project. In his 11th grade year he decided to further his passion and attended West Chester School of Barbering. In 2012 he graduated from barbering school, and soon after joined the team at Champions Barber Shop. He is a hard and dedicated worker that mixes passion and precision in every haircut. Realizing that even until this day, every haircut he does is a walking piece of art. You can find Edwin at our Chestnut St. location, where he specializes in a broad range of styles. He is sure to provide you a great haircut and plenty of laughter and jokes. Instagram @ barber guy_25


Setting herself apart with her diverse styles and designs, Esther is always looking for the next big challenge. Starting her career in 2012, she has been recognized as one of the fastest growing female barbers in the area. Her charming smile, attention to detail, and artistic hands will keep you coming back. Instagram @ estherv_barber.


Starting her career in 2011, Jenn has been through numerous levels of training to better enhance her passion for Barbering. She currently holds licenses in Barbering, Cosmetology, and Teaching. “Growing up around multiple brothers on the football field has helped me better understand men,” says Jenn. She always has a keen eye for even the smallest details. It was this love for structure and precision that led to her passion for the art of Barbering. When not found behind her chair, you can certainly find her playing with her “furry” German Shepard. Instagram @ jbrady_barber


Making her way from Wilmington, Delaware, Brittany joined the team in 2015. As a graduate of Pulse Beauty Academy, she obtained her licensing as a Barber Stylist. With her close attention to detail, she is skilled in providing a wide variety of styles. With her upbeat personality, she will provide you with an experience fit for a Champion! Check out some of her work on Instagram @britt_thebarber