About Champions Barber Shops

As Founder of Champions Barber Shops, Miguel takes such high pride in what has become a dream come true for him. You can always count on being greeted with a smile by him and the staff upon entering the unique atmosphere and decor at Champions and Champions on High. “Cutting hair can be tought, but the gift of making a customer fall in love with ones personality and feel instantly welcome is a blessing from above,” says Miguel.

In 2006 Miguel decided to join barbering school at the Hair Academy in Newark, DE while simultaneously apprenticing at a local barber shop to further explore his dreams. 3 years into his barbering career he had a vision and decided to want to give back to the community by servicing local senior citizens on sight. In 2009 Miguel founded On the Run Barber Shop. On the Run was designed to provide a mobile service to local nursing homes, retirement communities, and funeral homes.

At the age of 27, In 2010 Miguel chose to venture off on his own and soon after opened Champions Barber Shop, LLC. Through the challenges of the recession which severely impacted small businesses in the U.S., giving up hope was never an option. By means of Miguel’s strong work ethic and dedication to his profession, he was a firm believer that hard work would pay off. Just 3 years later in January of 2014, Miguel was presented with his next big task. At the age of 30, he successfully opened his second location, Champions on High Street which is conveniently located just 3 blocks from the West Chester University Campus.